Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure where bone particles are placed to provide structural stability and generate new bone growth that was lost or diseased. These bone particles can come from you, a donor, or be synthetic.  The graft acts as a stimulus for your own body to regenerate bone in areas where it has been lost.  Once normal bone cell turnover occurs the graft becomes your bodies own bone which allows the strength to place an implant.  

Bone grafting is indicated for socket preservation.  The site of the surgical procedure will be debrided and the bone particles will be placed into the site.  Dr. Stigall will then place a small biocompatible covering, and suture the area to help secure the bone particles for osseoinduction.  Gelfoam or the membrane,  is hemostatic and can liquify over a period of time or it may fall out within a few days after the procedure.   Small granules of the bone graft may migrate into your mouth and feel like sand granules; NO NEED TO WORRY. Dr. Stigall over packs the surgical site, to allow for optimal results and can be expected as the healing occurs.  After ten weeks of healing, you will return for a post op visit which will require a xray imaging and an assessment of the surgical site to ensure healing for the next stage of your treatment.  If healed; You and Dr. Stigall will proceed to the next step in treatment at this post op visit and the dental implant will be placed.  

Bone grafting is clinically indicated to rebuild the upper and lower ridge to allow enough diameter for implant placement.  When teeth have been lost for several months or years, the ridge  width is narrowed and lost as the tooth no longer stimulates the alveolus.  This width can be regained with grafting treatments. The protective covering dissolves and some particles may migrate into your mouth.   Once healing is complete, 10 weeks or more, then the implants are placed.  

Bone grafting is indicated for sinus augmentation.  When posterior maxillary teeth are lost the hollow space in the cheek, maxillary sinus,  may not leave enough bone for implant placement.  By raising the membrane that is within the sinus, the lift, new bone height can be achieved.  Multiple approaches can be used for the procedure and healing time may very depending on the severity of deficit.  But when complete, the implants are once again placed.  

Bone Grafting is possible because bone tissue has the ability to regenerate  when  provided the space into which to grow.  Osteoconduction and osseinduction occur when bone graft material stimulates the bodies natural bone cells.  Dr. Stigall uses a number of grafting materials and membranes.  These can be used for a number of clinical indications including sinus floor elevation, socket preservation, ridge augmentation and periodontal defects.  Dr. Stigall will  choose the appropriate allograft for each patients' indication and/or personal preference.   Mineralized/demineralized bone is a unique blend of 70% mineralized and 30% demineralized cortical bone, thus combining the key benefits of each graft material in ONE PRODUCT!  A great mix between strong structural support and fast bone formation.  Mineralized cancellous bone has a porous structure that allows revascularization, critical for formation of new bone cells.



"a surgical procedure which aims to increase the amount of bone in the posterior maxilla (upper jaw bone), by lifting the sinus membrane and placing bone." This allows the implant to have more bone to support your prosthesis.


sinus lift




Dental implants require osseointegration. When a tooth is extracted, the alveolar process begins. Resorption phase lasts around 8 to 10 days and can be longer in patients with periodontal disease because inflammation lasts longer, resorption may override any bone formation and results in a NET LOSS of alveolar bone.  A net loss of bone can dramatically affect your treatment plan.  Dr. Stigall and his staff want to educate all patients on the significance of socket preservation and make their treatment plan the most optimal and cost effective.




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